NC Series Servo Hot Plate Welders

Dizo's hot-plate welding technology, which is controlled by a servo, is perfect for situations where strong welds, hermetic seals, and intricate geometries are needed. The NC Servo Series hot plate welder is a highly accurate model currently available on the market. Its three servo-driven platens can be expertly programmed to provide precise velocity, force, and displacement controls.

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NC Series Servo Hot Plate Welders
NC Series Servo Hot Plate Welders

Automotive Manufacturing

Hot plate welding machines are a crucial component in automobile manufacturing, used to weld interior parts, doors, seats, dashboards, and other components. These machines enable efficient and high-quality welding effects, ensuring the quality, strength, and stability of automotive parts.

Electronic Product Manufacturing

Hot plate welding machines are commonly used in electronic product manufacturing for the thermal bonding of components such as plastic shells, battery packs, and electronic components. These machines provide stability and safety to the products.

Domestic Appliance

Hot plate welding machines are commonly employed in the production of household appliances, for the manufacture of appliance shells and plastic components, such as those found in refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners.

Model: DZ-2040/DZ-3040/DZ-5060

Voltage: 380VAC 50/60HZ, 3-phase 5 lines.
The welding products are made of PP/ABS/PA66/PE/PET/PBT and are welded using only heating energy without any additional welding media.

The frame is constructed using a welding structure and comes equipped with adjustable castors for horizontal height, making it easy to level the machine on all sides. The body casing is made of A3 cold rolled sheet and is protected by safety grating during automatic welding operation.

The upper moving table plate and the lower fixed table plate are made of 45# steel with surface treatment for a smooth finish.

Our servo-driven platens are designed to provide exceptional sealing results without the need for hard stops. They allow for precise control over force, velocity, and displacement and provide feedback to ensure a hermetic seal every time. We use the best welding process for your specific application, providing customized solutions that meet all of your individual requirements. Our interchangeable tooling and heated storage solutions make tool changeover rapid, saving time and increasing efficiency. Our system is user-friendly, with an intuitive operator interface and customizable I/O for easy configuration. Additionally, our Auto-Teach and Automatic Tool ID functionality further reduces setup times, allowing for quick recipe recall. With all of these features and benefits, our servo-driven platens are the best choice for achieving exceptional sealing results while streamlining your production process.

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NC Series Servo Hot Plate Welders

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