Hot Plate Welding Machines

Hot Plate Welding Machines

Hot plate welding is a popular method for joining complex materials and large part assemblies that require strong and hermetically sealed connections. This process involves holding both part halves firmly against or near a thermally heated platen to melt their joining surfaces. The parts are then quickly separated from the heat source, joined together, and allowed to solidify under pressure. You can choose from vertical or horizontal platen hot plate welder configurations, which include machines that are manually loaded and unloaded as well as semi- or fully-automated inline systems from Dizo. Dizo offers standard products that are suitable for most product sizes.
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Dizo's hot-plate welding technology, which is controlled by a servo, is perfect for situations where strong welds, hermetic seals, and intricate geometries are needed. The NC Servo Series hot plate welder is a highly accurate model currently available on the market. Its three servo-driven platens can be expertly programmed to provide precise velocity, force, and displacement controls.


The machine boasts a horizontal heat platen orientation with pneumatic motion control that activates the hot plate welding system. This machine offers both vertical and horizontal platen hot plate welder configurations, ranging from manually loaded machines to semi and fully automated inline systems.

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