Vibration Welding Mchines

Vibration Welding Mchines

Vibration welding machines offer solutions for joining plastic parts of various sizes, shapes, and surfaces, including curved surfaces. Dizo technology employs motion and pressure to friction weld thermoplastic part halves. The lower parts rise to meet the upper parts, which hang from springs and vibrate between magnets attached to the machine frame. A DC power supply controls the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations. Once the parts melt and join, clamping pressure ensures a strong weld. After the joints cool and re-solidify, the welds are complete.
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Dizo Vibration Welding systems are available in different table sizes and tooling weight options to effectively weld various parts. The linear vibration head's large mechanical mass, combined with the solid welded tubular steel frame construction, helps prevent machine failure caused by process vibration.

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