NC Series Pneumatic Hot Plate Welders

The machine boasts a horizontal heat platen orientation with pneumatic motion control that activates the hot plate welding system. This machine offers both vertical and horizontal platen hot plate welder configurations, ranging from manually loaded machines to semi and fully automated inline systems.

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NC Series Pneumatic Hot Plate Welders
NC Series Pneumatic Hot Plate Welders

Automotive Manufacturing

Hot plate welding machines are commonly used in automobile manufacturing to weld interior parts, doors, seats, dashboards, and other components. These machines provide efficient and high-quality welding effects, which help to ensure the quality and stability of automotive parts.

Electronic Product Manufacturing

In the manufacturing of electronic products, hot plate welding machines are commonly utilized for thermally bonding components like plastic shells, battery packs, and electronic components. With the use of hot plate welding machines, products can be produced with added stability and safety.

Domestic Appliance

Hot plate welding machines are commonly used in the production of household appliances to manufacture the shells and plastic components of refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners.

Model: DZ-2040/DZ-3040/DZ-5060

Voltage: 380VAC 50/60Hz, 3-phase 5 lines.
Welding product materials include PP, ABS, PA66, PE, PET, and PBT. Welding is performed using heating energy, without the need for any additional welding media.

The frame features a welding structure and an adjustable castor at the bottom for easy horizontal height adjustment of all machine side plates. The body casing is made of A3 cold-rolled sheet material and safety grating protects the operator during automatic welding operation. The upper moving table plate and the lower fixed table plate are made of 45# steel and feature surface treatment for a smooth finish.

Our hot plate welding machines are a popular choice for thermal bonding, used extensively in the fusion, compression, and compounding of materials such as plastics. We offer a variety of mechanical and electrical solutions that provide optimal working conditions and versatile adjustment options, making our welders suitable for a variety of welding applications. Our custom solutions are tailored to your particular application and its specific requirements. Rapid tool changeover is facilitated through interchangeable tooling and heated storage solutions. The welding cycle is controlled by a microprocessor, with a user-friendly programming panel featuring backlit displays and digital temperature alarms. Heating temperature is digitally managed. With our hot plate welding machines, you can achieve efficient and high-quality welding results, improving the quality, stability, and durability of your products.

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NC Series Pneumatic Hot Plate Welders

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