Ultrasonic Welder Ultrasonic Welding Manufacturer

Ultrasonic Welding Supplier

  • * Automatic frequency tracking
  • * Fast welding speed, energy-saving
  • * CNC-processed, highly stable, and strong
  • * 20 years of industry experience
Hot Plate Welding Machine Hot Plate Plastic Welding Machine

Hot Plate Welder

  • * Competitive price
  • * Easy to operate
  • * Efficient 0.05mm accuracy
  • * High performance, reducing production cost
Vibration Welding Machine Vibration Welding

Vibration Welding Machine

  • * SGS, CE, ISO9001 certification
  • * Strictly standardized production lines
  • * Experienced service team for support
  • * Standard and customized series are available
Dizo Ultrasonic Experiences

20+ Years

of Industry Experience

Annual Plant Capacity

13,000 Units

Annual Plant Capacity

Industrial Clean Room

100,000 Level

Industrial Clean Room

CNC Lathe Equipment

30+ Sets

of CNC Lathe Equipment

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Unlike many plastic welding suppliers, we specialize in producing superior products with competitive advantages,
offering custom welding machines and high-standard certifications.

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Ultrasonic Welding Machine E Series 35Khz Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Our E series welders are crafted with the latest 3D CAD and CNC technologies for top reliability and advanced electronic functionality at an affordable price, blending competitive costs with innovative features.

Hot Plate Welder NC Series Servo Hot Plate Welding Machine

Dizo's servo-controlled hot plate welding technology delivers strong, airtight welds for complex shapes. The NC Servo Series offers market-leading precision with three servo-driven platens for exact control over velocity, force, and displacement.

Vibration Welder NC-Z Series Vibration Welders

Dizo's Vibration Welding systems come in various table sizes and tooling weights to accommodate diverse parts. The design features a heavy linear vibration head and a robust welded steel frame to reduce machine failure from process vibrations.

Industry Applications

We offer comprehensive plastic welding solutions for high-quality joining applications across automotive, packaging, medical devices,
toys, and more, ranging from small delicate components to large plastic parts.

Looking to explore more solutions for your industry's needs?

  • Automotive Welding


    Provides quick and efficient assembly for car components like bumpers, tail lights, and dashboards.

  • Home Appliances Welding

    Home Appliances

    This creates durable, nearly invisible joints for plastic parts of any shape, eliminating the need for adhesives.

  • Medical Device Welding

    Medical Devices

    Offers precise and rapid sealing solutions, lowering the production costs of medical devices.

  • Toys Ultrasonic Welding


    Ensures safe and robust assembly of toy parts, providing smooth joins without hazardous adhesives or small fasteners.

  • Plastic Bag Ultrasonic Welding


    Achieves clean and seamless joins for a variety of consumer products and packaging.

  • Textile Ultrasonic Welding Solution


    Offers versatile methods to create strong fabric joins without the need for glue, clips, or sewing.

Latest News

Dizo Ultrasonic has served as a leading welding machine manufacturer in China for 20 years.

Heat Stake Design Mastery: Techniques to Take Your Skills to the Next Level Heat Stake Design Mastery: Techniques to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

May 11, 2024

Heat stake design harnesses the pulsed-heat process to join various parts, particularly where one is plastic, showcasing its significance across indus...

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From Theory to Practice: Practical Applications of Ultrasonic Machines in Industry From Theory to Practice: Practical Applications of Ultrasonic Machines in Industry

May 11, 2024

Ultrasonic technology has revolutionized various industries, offering a cleaner, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solvent degreasin...

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Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Ultrasonic Tube Sealing

May 11, 2024

Packaging has long been a critical component of manufacturing and logistics, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of products to consumers. Howeve...

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What We Do

Before crafting your tailored ultrasonic welding solution, we offer consultations, sample testing, result inspections, and
custom solution development. We'll work closely with you to ensure successful implementation.

Free Guidance

Free Consultation & Guidance

Expert advice on selecting the right model with free design and field guidance.

Transparent Manufacturing

Transparent Manufacturing

Customers can monitor each stage of the manufacturing process.

Technical Training

Customized Technical Training

Tailored training to meet user needs with continuous product enhancements.

Detailed Report

Detailed Inspection Reports

Providing inspection standards and results to users' technical teams.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support & One-Year Warranty

Unlimited technical support, one-year warranty, and 24/7 engineer availability with prompt response within 8 hours.

Customers Feedback

When you are looking for a welding machine supplier, we stand as the clear choice, where your satisfaction is
not just promised, but guaranteed.

International Certifications

Our plastic welding machines are certified with CE, ISO, and RoHS, meeting rigorous international standards.

CE Certification
ISO 9001 Certification
ROHS Certification
Our Customers

We collaborate with top brands and have numerous successful case studies. Find your custom plastic welding
solution like them!

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About Dizo Ultrasonic

About Dizo Ultrasonic

Dizo Ultrasonic is a professional welding machine manufacturer in Wuxi, China, in the Shanghai business district.

We have 102 workers, including 21 engineers, and work with 2 universities. Our annual production capacity is 3,000 units of equipment and 10,000 sets of accessories.

  • 5,000

    Square Meters
  • 5

    Production Lines
  • 30

    Processing Machines
  • 5

    Testing Equipments

Why Choose Us

Your one-stop place for high-end welding technology solutions.

  • Reliable Quality

    Reliable Product Quality

    Our ultrasonic plastic welding helps you meet project deadlines, maintain quality, and boost efficiency for a great return on investment.

  • Free Design

    Free Design & Model Selection

    Our technician will help you with free design and to choose welding machine to fit your different-sized products and special materials.

  • Free Training

    Free Training & Lifetime support

    No experience? No problem. Our engineer will assist you with free application guidance to ensure optimal use and offer maintenance service.

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