Our ultrasonic welding systems is specifically designed to meet the need for the assembly of smaller and more intricate plastic components. The servo pneumatic drive enables free positioning of the stack and ensures speedy stroke motion. By programming ultrasonic stack velocity, force, and position throughout the entire welding process, our product ensures fast and consistent production, resulting in stronger welds.


The F series servo ultrasonic welder system is an important advancement in ultrasonic welding for thermoplastic pieces. It allows for various speeds and depths to be set during the welding process, resulting in a fast and precise welding cycle. One of the key features of this welding machine is the cycle control system, which is fully managed by a touch screen display.


Dizo Vibration Welding systems are available in different table sizes and tooling weight options to effectively weld various parts. The linear vibration head's large mechanical mass, combined with the solid welded tubular steel frame construction, helps prevent machine failure caused by process vibration.


We designed the E series digital ultrasonic plastic welders using the latest technology, including 3D CAD and CNC. This ultrasonic welder emphasizes reliability, advanced electronic solutions, and affordability, making it a machine that combines competitive pricing with advanced technological features.


We are excited to introduce our latest product: the portable handheld ultrasonic plastic welding machine generator. This generator is specifically designed and produced for welding plastic parts. With a new electronic layout, all components are fixed on the PCB, reducing the generator's size. Our unique generator is user-friendly, with various functions available at a reasonable cost.


The ultrasonic plastic welder machine are specifically designed for heavy-duty operations that require precision. The machine's sturdy design and use of high-strength prismatic guides enable it to work under optimal conditions. These welders feature a microprocessor-assisted programming system, a keyboard with a backlit display and function keys. The generators of these ultrasonic welders must be highly reliable to consistently achieve high-quality welding.


Our ultrasonic welding machine features an integrative sound insulation concept with a protective hood that complies with noise control laws. It's highly adaptable to varying production needs and can be customized to your specific requirements. With its compact design, it maximizes occupational safety and has an automatic start feature to streamline component loading processes.


Our analog ultrasonic welding machines are designed to weld and fuse thermoplastics, as well as separate textiles, fleeces, and foils. They are suitable for small-scale to very large-scale applications and have a robust construction that can be expanded using modules. Additionally, they can be combined with controller and generator systems for maximum control over their process.


The E series digital ultrasonic plastic welders are crafted using cutting-edge technology, including 3D CAD and CNC. With a variety of mechanical and electrical options, these welders offer optimal working conditions and a wide range of adjustable settings, making them adaptable to a variety of welding situations. Our ultrasonic generators are highly dependable, ensuring a consistent welding process.


Dizo's hot-plate welding technology, which is controlled by a servo, is perfect for situations where strong welds, hermetic seals, and intricate geometries are needed. The NC Servo Series hot plate welder is a highly accurate model currently available on the market. Its three servo-driven platens can be expertly programmed to provide precise velocity, force, and displacement controls.


The machine boasts a horizontal heat platen orientation with pneumatic motion control that activates the hot plate welding system. This machine offers both vertical and horizontal platen hot plate welder configurations, ranging from manually loaded machines to semi and fully automated inline systems.

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