F Series 15KHz/20KHz Servo Ultrasonic Welders

Our ultrasonic welding systems is specifically designed to meet the need for the assembly of smaller and more intricate plastic components. The servo pneumatic drive enables free positioning of the stack and ensures speedy stroke motion. By programming ultrasonic stack velocity, force, and position throughout the entire welding process, our product ensures fast and consistent production, resulting in stronger welds.

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F Series 15KHz/20KHz Servo Ultrasonic Welders
F Series 15KHz/20KHz Servo Ultrasonic Welders

Medical Industry

The medical industry frequently employs ultrasonic welding to create various parts, such as face masks, blood and gas filters, arterial filters, and anesthesia filters. These parts are typically made from dissimilar materials, such as medical plastic ABS or polyethylene, which are compatible with the ultrasonic welding technique.

Automobile Industry

The production of automobiles heavily depends on the use of welding technology, which allows for the joining of plastics to form various components such as door panels, instrument panels, and steering wheels. The welding process is cost-effective, can be automated, and has reduced cycle times, making it a flexible option.

Electronic Industry

Ultrasonic welding technology is commonly used in the electronics industry to join wired connections. This makes creating small circuits simpler, more precise, and efficient. Additionally, this process can be used to assemble electric motors, capacitors, and storage media devices.

15KHz/3200W 20KHz/3000W 35KHz/1200W

Welding modes include time, energy, power, absolute depth, relative depth, and thrust. The built-in digital amplitude control enables precise tuning for critical applications, allowing for the programming of the start-up vibration and energy braking. Real-time alert information facilitates easy maintenance, with a built-in counter to track production. Password protection prevents unauthorized parameter changes when the machine is set for a specific application. The welding results display shows welding results for the entire welding cycle time and can be viewed on the screen.

This device is compatible with Industry 4.0 standards, allowing it to be connected to a MES production information management system. The torque and descent speed can be adjusted for more precise screw setting and easier resetting when switching applications. In addition, the customized single-loop flow control feature ensures accurate screw setting and more convenient resetting when switching applications. The variable dynamic triggering provides stable fusion quality by adjusting the pressure depth on the workpiece to the preset value before starting the ultrasonic vibration, with a tolerance of less than 0.005mm. Finally, dynamic tracking ensures effective transmission of ultrasonic energy to the workpiece by maintaining contact between the welding head and the workpiece and a constant pressure throughout the welding process. These advanced features make this device an ideal choice for those seeking high-quality and precise ultrasonic welding.

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F Series 15KHz/20KHz Servo Ultrasonic Welders

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